Throw Your Gauntlets Down!

by Right?

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released 20 February 2012



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Track Name: Greenburner
i'm going green with envy
observing every step you take
every bath in the spotlight
it isn't admiration
but if it is
it never been so close to the hatred

i don't want your autographs i
just wanna see you face from underwater
i don't wanna see your gig i
just want to make sure you'll end up dead

you're digging your own grave
so long then
creating your own hell

i'm working day and night
no point to dream
cause every wish is embodied in you
don't tell me that you've earn it
luck isn't a kind of thing that one can deserve
Track Name: Blackened Fingers And Blackened Tongues
it builds me up
like breaking dawn
it builds me up

every night they're pointing their fingers at me
asking if i'm strong enough
everyday the curses they've put me upon
are getting greater
the ghosts of the guilty conscience
like an acid poured on my lungs
black prosecutor who waits in the dark
it's not an open fight

that i've been browsing these volumes for years
and i've been searching for answers so clear
it's a labour to be left undone
and an exile to be served alone

so we'll end up with black fingers and tongues
no need for priest to keep droning on
as our bodies are put to rest
hearts carry songs away from the graves

it taints my mind with poison, i can't be insane
i'm sober 'til it'll drive me to beg on the street
to senex with chalk white beard and rook who can talk
you pray to the altar, i pray to the clock
Track Name: Bearer Of My Steps
you've never asked
for nothing for yourself
you've never claimed
a single piece of me
my life has changed but these feelings stayed the same
fears are gone, you're the reason i'm still brave

i coulnd't ask for anything more

i've never loved so much
the bearer of my steps
aids me in the dark
never bows and never gives up
to hack-work of the one
i never feel alone

the world outside
wants to put me in a cage
i can't go back
and i know i cannot stay in place
as in the strom and wind i wander far from home
your arms are nest where i always can return

i'm self-assure and willing never be apart from you
and everything you'll ever mean to be
the merit of your soul can never be repaid
a hack-work of the one
Track Name: Disconnect
i am so unsure if this is right or wrong
being as cold as stone i cannot help the feelings i am losing myself
and so it goes for years i can't count yet
i know it's lame i don't wanna fall
in your fake-arrangement

so i'm just crying for the moon
but i'm not ready for a change
if you can't show me my way out
i'll break the wall
and find a disconnection

i can't tell you what you want to hear so bad
what you long for and you scream for so desperate (i can't embrace you)
this is my time to get healed
i won't suffer for another one again and i won't feel a thing

i won't feel a thing
snatch the plug
Track Name: Loose Threads Make Loose Threats
this thread is loose and i have no more will to strive
to figure out

you've got your authorization
but what do you really have to say
for legislature and domination
and is there a thing you can change?
for you to waste

the chase after fame is over
face what you have to face
this well isn't bottomless
hurl your insluts

follow the men
into the thickest woods
let him show you the ropes
there's no one left to trust
pick up your gun
and walk through the path of shells
through verry narrow spot

between the good and evil
somewhere your idea lies

the second chance will be given again
and third and fourth and fifth
for you to waste
days and months and years
we're always halfway there
we're always doing good

in the calm sea you hide your deadly words
but can't make them alive
Track Name: Welcome The Villain
please don't send me love notes
as i won't read them when i alter
don't give me more time
cause i''ll just waste it
like everything i put my hands on

farewell to the man of honour
i'm welcoming the villain (a sinner)
i've just broke away
and if you tell me 'go to hell'
i will go

do not count on me and i won't let you down
so you can dump me now
for all i care
and if you tell me 'go to hell'
i will go

there were the times when i took care
of every word and every minute
when i felt warmth inside of me
and phone calls after i was ashamed
postcards that i kept in my closet

you know you can't give me measure for measure
every day i wake up with no memories
but a headache instead
and i'm not worried

i'm not something that i choose
but something that you make
everyone of you
Track Name: Simple Factors
be fit as a guy on this poster
and fuck a chick like this model
drown in the flash and the floodlight
grow deaf in the storm of the applause
i can imagine how you feel
when i'm eager to spin your wheel
i am a water for your mill

i want to set up the fire
and try to burn it down
but it's all made up to silence
these unproductive hopes

we're all driven by the simple factors
it turns my head into reactor
generating papers
we can afford no kind of imperfection
hands are made of steel now
so get them to work

give me a haircut
put me in these shoes
make me to wear these perfumes
scare me again to death
tell me i'm loser
teach me your fashion
i want to be somebody
give me a devil's name
Track Name: Crosshairs
how am i supposed to get better than i am
if i am to wield these tears
of hailing to the lofty ones we don't even know
are we here for them to please?

give me no grace
even if i kneel to beg you, please
give me no grace

set your eye to a telescope
make it easier to bring me down
we're at the point where i agree and you deny
only time can tell who were right

what's the point impressing you
there are few goods to gain
and no one to increase the stake
i'm ripping out my hair with stress
as you marvel only him
that might be just a wrong adress

got off her crosshairs
got off her view
i enjoy myself
masturbate to my imprint
Track Name: In Brotherhood
we demand it as our bread
looking for a frontline ahead
cause you can't trigger any show
you can't rule any land
without a little blood to shed

whose god you face now?
one who lives by the sword!
fighting over bag of bones
when tomorrow is no more

the vault you've raised will collapse over your head
and i don't care if you like it or not
how could you speak when there will be no ammo left
hundred cries will let you gauntlets down

into the madness of rivalry
securing thropies of their defeat
i know, i know that's fun and games
full of hate and rich in gold
and much easier than a handshake

in brotherhood we stand as long as we can kill
as long as we have someone against
Track Name: Leaves
the scent of the warm dirt is only making it worse
i knew it will always be something to get back upon
something to attach the rope to
i'll give out the past

i loved these times when i had nothing on my mind
my hands are tearing the ground apart
times when i had nothing to do next day
my hands are tearing the ground apart

between you and me
you and me
until they make it red

they've said i've got everything toward me
but it feels like everything jut passed
just right behind my back
why did i even noticed
i've crossed the last checkpoint

it's everlasting
these words i'm dying for you
words so hard to swallow
i'll give out the past

nobody told us it will have to be this way
why do i feel like having an ocean to cross
if i only got few words to say
or maybe i just cannot dodge every trap
set in the middle of my path
i'm leaving now
Track Name: We've Got Company
you've picked up your battles
about life and death
but will stay
oh, will you stay?
they're calling for you
so i'm stepping away
choking on my tears so bad

yellow bus arrived
i'm holding you tight
under this uniform
there's my heart
i'm letting it go
so you better know
it's as strong as your hands must be

somewhere far across the seas
(and deserts)
there's a hell to defeat
(dismember me)
i can pray a thousand times
but in the night i see your face
caked in dirt screaming:
'we've got company'

on our couch in empty house
flicking through the news
so afraid they might about you
hands around my stomach
and i'm wondering
if he'll ever play with you
Track Name: Cold
waiting for the hugs that never came
conceiving all the years we've talked away
memorizing everything
people saying all the stupid things
that i am the present, you are the past
it brings the wall we can't trespass

where did you go? where did you go?
so damn angry and alone
i'm so tired of being on my own
where is the friend i used to know
gave me a distance to cry on
where did you go? where did you go?

something has been lost among your pride
irony and cynicism spread so wide
i never feel you eager by my side
polished by the tone that blanches the day
i wonder why it couldn't change
with eyes all blind from haze